Proposal Masterclass

High impact Bid & Proposal Management Training

Improving win rates and optimising the cost of sale Written proposals are critical to winning business & done well, as a source of competitive advantage. So if you’re serious about successful bidding, you need all those involved to have the necessary skills.

This course will equip with contemporary proposal best practice and inspire you to write winning proposal more effectively & efficiently pushing up your win rates and driving down the cost and effort of bidding. They draw on extensive research with buyers and successful bidders. Every session is interactive and enjoyable, led by industry leaders sharing their passion for winning.

Who is this Training Course for?

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit personnel involved in sales and proposals, whether new or experienced in their roles. These may include;

  • Bid/proposal specialists
  • Sales leads
  • Senior managers
  • Content contributors

Part1: Winning proposal output

  • Introductions and scene –setting: characteristics or a first – class proposal, and the role of the proposal within an effective sales and bid process
  • Interactive case study, driving discussion of top tips for writing persuasive proposal content.

Part 2: A repeatable, winning proposal process

  • Qualification and pre-proposal planning: chasing the right deals and becoming less reactive in the proposal process
  • Strategy development: the role of storytelling in the proposal, and the “ three C” process for identifying win themes
  • Content design and storyboarding – how to plan your answers to maximise, scores in the evaluation
  • Proposal structure, including the role and content of an effective executive summary and solution overview
  • High – impact reviews of your draft proposal ( ‘red teams’)


Our trainers and coaches are amongst the most senior proposal professionals in the world, renowned for their expertise and passion – able to get even the most jaded of audiences actually excited by the prospect of writing their next proposal better!

The courses we deliver are in line with the latest best practice – drawing on extensive research with buyers and successful bidders, as well as our own track record on live bids ( with a 91% capture rate in the past two years )

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